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A Critical Hit

Spell Books Dice Tower Dual Extrusion Silk

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Who knows what secrets these books hold? Can you decipher them and tip the fortune to your favor?

The small spell pot holds and Mythic Potions Lid, and the Book Stack will hold any Mythic Mugs Lid by Ars Moriendi.  This is also available with out the attachments, known as the Bookshelf Version.

Dual Extrusion Filament are silk shiny filaments that uncontrolled side by side effects. These are not meant to be drank out of.  They are meant to hold cans only.  Filament cannot be cleaned due its nature, and while we strive on quality sometimes the material can be porous and soak up fluids or leak.  Filament also will become soft when holding something hot or when placed in Hot water.


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