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A Critical Hit

Sorcerer / Sorceress Chalice or Cozy and Dice Holder

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A summoning circle rests on the table. Glowing. Thick smoke rises. Extending through the black cloud is a hand, fiendish, offering a sinister looking glass vial… What’s that? The Sorcerer is being too dramatic when retrieving their morning tea?  Why of course they are? We do not expect anything less.  Add dramatic flare to your gaming, role play or TTRPG table with the his Cozy/Dice Jail Sorcerers themed drink holder.

This fits a standard sized can with an insert, and an energy drink can without the insert.  Will also hold most beer bottles and water bottles.  This item is great for renfaires to hide you drinks and keep you in theme!

this item come with or without thread for the lid.

# Dice DND Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder TTRPG


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